Our vision: to make personal finance and corporate finance has become simple   For a long time, because of the financial repression, the personal financial products and the development of small and medium enterprise financing market are restricted. On the one hand, ordinary investors due to the small size of assets to enjoy high income and low risk financial services; on the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises to from banks and other mainstream financial institutions to obtain low cost of financing, but from private financing channels for high interest rates for borrowing.   Certain financial based on factoring business supply chain financial sector of professional experience in operations, using the advanced Internet technology, establish a to financial freedom, advocating credit, strict air pipe, the safety of principal and interest investment financing environment. We create a wealth of information transparency, financial security, higher income financial platform, so that investors can be rich in quantity, quality, information disclosure, revenue and reliable quality project library free choice of financial targets; to create a debt based credit, convenient and efficient, low cost financing channels, so that the real growth potential of small and medium micro enterprises with high quality accounts receivable, far lower than the cost of private lending.   Our goal: to play the value of enterprise credit, to create the best accounts receivable credit management platform   The (Receivable Exchange TRE) platform, the Internet platform to achieve corporate accounts receivable financing of the attempt, began in the United states. In China, a certain financial sector in the supply chain with rich experience in the field, the first to achieve a breakthrough in this area. High quality accounts receivable credit is one of the most high quality assets of small and medium enterprises, but because of this kind of asset is difficult to manage, the operation is complex, banks and other mainstream financial institutions in the field of long-term neglect, so that more than 20 of China's annual accounts receivable assets rarely converted to small and medium enterprises financing.   Certain financial value for the value of commercial credit, focus on doing the best accounts receivable financing platform, so that the value of commercial credit into investment and financing of security, through professional credit audit and management, to provide investors with high quality corporate debt financial products. We attach great importance to the protection of the interests of investors, the management of financing projects, strictly abide by the line 360 degrees audit principle, strict supervision and cooperation of financial institutions to promote the project to improve the credit audit and loan management, and through effective security measures to disperse investment risk.   Our actions: to provide investors with the most transparent investment and financial products   Our professional team with rich experience and extensive market experience, to explore t...
  • August CPI return to the 2 era" 1970-01-01

    The hot weather in August, an increase in bad weather, the impact on food prices significantly, under the impetus of meat, fresh vegetable prices rose, in August CPI create new highs for the year, the year first entered the & ldquo; 2 age & rdquo;. The National Bureau of statistics September 10th released data show that in August CPI rose 0.5%, an increase of 2%. Some experts said, CPI back to “ 2 times ” the price of a modest operating pattern has not changed. With the Mid Autumn Festival, “ eleven ” small holiday and other holidays approaching, the late CPI will remain the current moderate operation trend, do not rule out a single month CPI is still in “ 2 t...

  • A merger and acquisition of the reorganization of the 10 days of the speed of the application approv 1970-01-01

    The first 7 months of this year, the listing Corporation merger transaction amount of 1268500000000 yuan, for the last year: 87.5%

  • Stable foreign trade also need to do a fiscal policy subtraction" 1970-01-01

    In July, China's exports have declined significantly, although the volume of imports increased, but due to the decline in international commodity prices, import decline has expanded. Later still factors affecting the growth of foreign trade, foreign trade policy still needs to continue to force. The scale of overseas demand is difficult to take control of our country, we need to take the road of diversification and actively explore new markets, and strive to maintain the market share in the international market. Steady foreign trade in our country is more need to start from foreign trade enterprises, “ the visible hand ” to multi pronged, to create a good market environment, an...

  • From technological innovation to service innovation 1970-01-01

    From the China Everbright Bank data show, as of the end of June, China Everbright & ldquo; cloud payment & rdquo; platform can already to customers provide including water, electricity, gas charges payment of life, including 500 based convenient payment services, covering 29 provinces, 270 cities, the number of service of 3 billion, more than 100 partners, which an important partner Alipay and micro channel customers compared to the beginning of the year, an increase of more than 200%, an increase in the first half of this year, the median income of nearly 150%, this is China Everbright & ldquo; cloud payment & rdquo; hand over half the respondents.